VPN/UMTS app? - solved

coming from win$, the UMTS/VPN world was just a click away (ok 2, one for UMTS-on and one for VPN-on). is there a simple method avail in eLive? like a module or so?

just dreaming :slight_smile:


Doesn't "network-manager" fill your requirements?
It should offer those options when:

  1. a sim-card slot or modem is recognized for UMTS
  2. A VPN has been configured.


:frowning: I am too stupid or blind to find that mamager in the E-menu. does it have binary?

It should be in your taskbar (top left of the screen) but if it isn't, just type "nm-applet &" in a terminal to have it show up or go through the left-click menu to "settings" -> "internet".

If you want to have it there at every startup you can append nm-applet to the ".e16/startup-applications.list" file.

Are you sure they're on Beta?

yes - 64bit image. with e24. nm-applet seems to be there but after firing it in a terminal, nothing is showing up

That doesn't use network-manager, it uses conman. I'm not at my e24 right now so I can't help.

Next time please explain your setup, it's much harder to help when we don't know.

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Which isn't as easy to configure as network-manager and the connman-gtk widgetis more aligned to wifi.

See this thread:

it is requesting econnman, any idea in which package I can find it?

It's in "connman-gtk" but read that thread about how connman and network-manager clash.
There's a need to disable one of the 2 otherwise your connection will not be trouble free.

The solution/Howto is here:

ok, maybe I wait till eLive is using e24 :wink:

Yeah, might be a better idea.

Current Elive is E16 centric and stable whereas the available E24 is still considered unstable/testing so one has to reckon with bugs and tweaking stuff yourself.