Youtube-dl GUI finished

I've finished my youtube dl gui, now I'm moving onto zsync-curl gui. :w00t:


:nod: :surprise: :typing: :w00t: :happy: :furrydance: :applause: :happybounce: :excited:

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There is a huge bug where it will Include .git in the package and install it as /.git. REMOVE THAT DIRECTORY IMMEDIATELY; it might interfere with your git repos.


Hoo boy, old man trouble hiding behind a tree and surprising you where you least suspect him. :applause:


Actually surprised you used python and tkinter there.
I find tkinter gobsmacking ugly compared to other GUI elements. :shocked:
It is easy to code, especially if you use "easygui" that's for sure.

You should give Qt (and Qtdesigner) a go, it has some surprisingly nice stuff .... or else, why not simply GTK. It's not that hard. :wine_glass:

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easygui_qt isn't finished, not really usable looks promising though. :+1:
Qtcreator gives enormous control over the widget you're developping, it's nice.
The link I put into the former reply isn't really good. This one is nicer. :smile_cat:

Of course tkinter has a big pro in that it often comes bundled with Python albeit that especially Apple requires a specific extra download. :angry:

If the OS (like Elive) uses 2.7 by default: Yes.
I'm getting used to python3 lately so I've set it to default python on my box.
Which does mean it'll hamper some older python stuff. :frowning_face:

Sometimes I feel like changes are ALWAYS being held up by laziness.

Did you ever try mu-editor?
It's over-simplified but has a nice and easy way to simply test or try out python3 scripts.

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It's in the repos
Very versatile debugging help.

Ok nice, but still needs some vanishing :wink:
test install on bare metal:
MacBookPro Kernel: 5.4.0-56-generic i686 bits: 32 Desktop: Cinnamon 4.4.8 Distro: Linux Mint 19.3 - Base: Bionic =
ok, .deb file works oob so far;
the sw itself could not initiate the next action with "Add loading music?" tickled,
but untickled. Alas Icould not find any downloaded file and the window does not show any progres, but it was working (somewhere..), look:

pending installs
install succeed
still using GTK2?
cant wait


What's the terminal output in there? Something's screwy. There's supposed to be an Xterm window showing progress (I had to have a bunch of arguments so I couldnt use elive-tools) and that's a lot of whitespace. Also, the loading music is supposed to work :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, I know that the text goes offscreen; I'll fix it next version done

You two are killing me. :laugh:


Please don't die, Elive needs you :madness:

Wait, I just realized, since we're killing you:

  • TheTechRobo is a robot, so robots ARE taking over the world
  • And Rebel450 is a rebel [to Elive]

(insert "It's all coming together!" meme here :madness:)


Actually, I need me the most. LOL. :w00t:

Actually Antares is a red giant (aka dying sun) that is the closest to us on earth and tri=triple. So who in their right mind would want to try killing 3 red giants?

Reality is more mundane:
I own 2 ships called "Triade" and "Antares" (where "Triade" means 3 as 1 to commemorate our first born). So I just concatenated the 2. :shocked:


Especially me, with my obsession for eyecandy driven DE's, methinks ** :rofl2:**

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Been able to reproduce this or should I close the issue as invalid? :thinking:

This is what it's supposed to look like. Apologies for long video.


makefile good, debfile works

you will have to change the paths for compiling. variables weren't working, it was interpreting $HOME/youtube-dl-gui-1.3 as the variable H, then OME/youtube-dl-gui-1.3

sure ain't pretty but it works

Closed the issue as invalid, will reopen if you can reproduce it.

Just trying to keep stuff organised. :slight_smile: