E16 will need a dock bar?

At least as an option, could be nice to provide a dock bar for E16, many users could miss to have it

A good candidate can be cairo-dock, as suggested by @Rebel450

But let's see if we have other candidates too! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

apse dock

So let's discuss if we should include cairo-dock or other dock available on e16 on this thread

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hum, maybe we don't need the old e16 Engage, just trying "cairo-dock" as suggested @Rebel450 and it looks to be pretty good!, i mean, well featured

maybe a bit slow, sometimes? :thinking: at least on my nettop, but everything feels slow on it lol

maybe could a good option to include it by default with e16 (and opened by default in the "first desktop session" just like conky, later, up to the user to run it if wants to have it)


Synaptik is telling me - 1 broken package - can not be resolved (but not which one :face_vomiting: )

How did you install it ??

lol synaptics sucks, use apt on commandline :slight_smile:

apr gnome-settings-daemon-compat-notinstalled
api cairo-dock libexo-1-0 cairo-dock-xfce-integration-plug-in

i think that @yoda would like this one for his e16 :slight_smile:

the pager of that dock is bitting me :thinking:


what do you mean ?

useless, annoying and got stuck my mouse for a while, i disabled it

... can not be found

apt install gnome settings daemon

then (for making sure that you snatch all depending packages cairo dock may need)

activating OpenGL ? = Yes

running :slight_smile:

WOW beautifull ( installed on my new Desktop installation )
I would put it as a default as " a lot of people " are used to docks

I think I can add a "selector" of which apps enable by default (in every run) on new e16 desktop creation, like:

dock (cairo-dock)

other suggestions to include?

what is weird with the DOCK is when our mouse leave the dock, in my case ( 2 screen may be the problem) the mouse jump far away up on my screen... And not just next to the DOCK I just left

Yeah I saw that, try to disable the pager (the virtual-desktops gadget transparent) of cairo-dock, seemed like to fix it

Looking for it...

the default FileManager then

how to add an apllication to the startup items on 372_a ? (Cairo Dock in this case)

tks @Thanatermesis the " focus window thing of e16" fixed it

OMG :happybounce:

I now have, through the dock an easy way for 2 things I live, Weather and time LOL
e16 Applet were not good for that on a large screen

there's already one,

I mean which default applications to automatically start (like conky) for e16

Network Manager

how to add an apllication to the startup items on 372_a ?

try this:

killall cairo-dock
echo "cairo-dock" >> "$HOME/.e16/startup-applications.list"
eesh restart

just copy-paste all that in your terminal

it should close cairo-dock and then automatically open in on E reload, tell me if worked :slight_smile:

you can do hte same with conky if you want it, mentions: @yoda

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