Eltrans: How to improve the English sentences in Elive (proofreading)

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received a translation update by @triantares which looks empty (no sentences modified), is this correct @triantares? just to make sure that the tool is working correctly :slight_smile:

commit is: https://dev.elivecd.org/changeset/4826

mmh, @maxinou also says that he sent "a single sentence modified" but there was nothing showing up too :thinking:

you* should inspect the directory Projects/translations to see with "svn diff" for example if there's any modification not sent, or if the translation file was saved with a different name! maybe... :thinking: (maybe .po instead of .pot?) , if is a different file, please send me them via email so i will commit them correctly and investigate the eltrans issue


I just betatested it and there's too many changes, affirmative, the modified file is .po instead of .pot, i have temporally disabled eltrans

@triantares @Rebel450 if you want to save your work, send me the modified .po file from your Projects/translations dir (navigate it to search it, ending without the "t"), and send me via email to commit the already-made work

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Never saved, all gone during fresh install of the latest beta.....
I thought, it will be saved on the "Eltrans Server"

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Anyway, it wasn't much - but : :rofl2: :gun:

well, it didn't worked, the code is compatible with the stable version but not for buster :slight_smile: , we should have check the timeline of translations to verify it (just like i did where i found it was not working)

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Hmm, and at last i got it working .... on my 3.7.6 box. I even saved a lot of "repairs" to the installer this evening. Dang! :face_vomiting:
Oh well, still got a local copy....I think.:thinking:

Looking poedit recent files menus it seems that, effectively, the file with only one sentence translated is saved as fr.po instead of fr.pot

I'll send you by email in a few minutes

OK, as I only translate one sentence I doesn't sent you nothing as you found it yourself.

Fully rewrited original post / howto, it will be used for explain the proofreading / verification of original messages process on the new eltrans :slight_smile:



Just to say: when working at translations, I mainly use reverso.net, witch is very good, completed eventually with extra dictionaries...
/VADE RETRO google/ !




Do you think reverso.net does better translations than google translator?

Or which reasons makes it better? (maybe including grammar suggestions?, mmh, google translator has a basic one too if im not wrong?) :thinking:

The only reason I use reverso is french immersion assignments lmao. It has a great grammar checker for English and French.

I am sure that it has a good translation feature though.


Sounds good :slight_smile:

BTW The use of "google translator" in the described technique is not really for translate to other languages but for improve the correct grammar and clarity of the sentence, using a reverse-engineering like method (translations in english to english, so proofreading).

See the examples section (which I have just updated)


If it's same, at least it's not google "do not (not) be evil"...

For me reverso is better by itself, perhaps too cause I have somewhat of a knowledge of french & english languages... When using it for e.g. german, spanish, italian, I find that it makes the job quite well too (with far less memories from my studies for those)...


Little video demo added to the howto

@TheTechRobo actually the proofreading option in eltrans is only enabled for specific accounts to guarantee the quality and the correct procedure to do it. I can enable yours if you readed and understood the methodology of this process (make a look to the video later to see a small demo)

mentions: @TheTechRobo @triantares @Rebel450

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the translation should be done by native speakers of the referring language, better.

By using a translator or even just a dictionary -
it will end up with weird translations.

Like my English sometimes LOL


Even that is not a guarantee. :shocked:

OK, but I only know one other language and I'm not 100% the best, is that still OK?

But which do I pick for translating french — myspell-fr or myspell-fr-gut?

Agree totally with @Rebel450 and @triantares, but I think you* missed entirely the point of google translator :slight_smile: (sorry, if my howto is wrong explained or too long please improve it to make understandable of the method to use, also makes sense to be confused since "google translator is meant to be for one thing" lol, also that's also WHY I included a small video demo of the process)

In short: the point of google translator is NOT to use its translations at all, is to use it in an inverse-engineering mode to improve the english (and only the english) sentences, the translations should be not used at all, the translations are the way to "verify" how well translates and how well the grammar is structured and how well is the clearity / cleverness of the message... In fact thanks to this method that I use most of the times for the new sentences in elive apps my english and these messages improved gigantly!

(like for example, when to use "to" and when "for" and how this word affects the meaning of the sentence)

So again, the purpose of google-translator is not to use the translations of it at all. See the examples section and the small video to understand what does

Hum, so then we have a problem :slight_smile: it is needed to know correctly (I would say natively) one of these extra languages in order to use this methodology (note that I don't have anything against your correct english, in fact thats why I proposed you to enable you the proofreading account), but to use this methodology is needed to know natively one of those languages :thinking:

I wonder how well this methodology can work with more complex (different) languages like the ones of @Rebel450 or @triantares :thinking:, in any case I know/verified that works well with spanish mostly, also french and a pretty good with catalan too


I am not native, but I understand (and write) just fine.

I just stutter A LOT while speaking french. Like:

Bonjour ! J'aime beaucoup Elive car c'est une vraiment bonne...euh...système.

Things like that.

sorry, but quick question—when you say "you" you put an asterisk at the end...what is this for?


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Actually German and Dutch don't have that many differences with English.
Don't forget that English is actually a sort of pidgin mix of Saxon and French, spoken by simple folks in the country.
Later it was heavily Latinized to give it more respectability as a language.

There are some very different grammar constructs especially where object and subject are placed in relation to verbs, to be considered though.

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