Enlightenment flavors in the new alpha versions

After playing a minimum of time with the 3 provided desktops in the new alpha versions (3.7.x), what is your opinion with each of them? (maybe not counting with E17, we know that is good but is pretty broken on these versions)

Please set your rate after to have decided for the best desktop for you:

  • E16 (old, fast, integrated)
  • E17 (good, elive custom, not working well)
  • E22 (new, featured, not customized nor integrated)

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the way it's presented, E16 seems the safest/obvious/only choice for now

I am not making fun of you, I love Enlightenment so whatever the version, if it's on a 64 bits kernel, I'll be happy...

E16 is working out of the box and is based in a very old version of Enlightenment, I don't have now the time to customize an E22 for my machines now while I'm more than happy using E16 :slight_smile: , after a few minor things fixed by the actual dev (Kim Woelders) it is simply rock solid (zero complains, zero crashes, zero problems), maybe is not for everyone! you can found funny some retro gadgets (epplets) included or strange the audio theme (can be disabled), but its themes and functionality has a lot of personality (try to enable the ripples effect too lol)

E22 can be perfectly used, but has zero customization by Elive at the moment, but specially it lacks the custom Elive hotkeys, i simply cannot live without them :slight_smile: (but has the default ones provided by enlightenment, on which a good 70% are the same), in short you can spend time customizing it yourself to simply use it as your default desktop too :slight_smile:

Impatient to hear other's experiences heh

Note: I may need to re-phrase some things or messages about E16, because it still in active independent development, so the word "old" is not exactly correct (by old i meant that is based on an old concept / version of Enlightenment), the only "old" thing that it has is because Enlightenment rewrote entirely everything on the new versions, so E16 is more like an independent desktop, which actually also supports composite and pulseaudio :thinking:

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More than clear... Tks !

Anxious to try them but there are good chances, the way you describe it, i'll stick to E16

Does it mean that whn I install most apps, some will not integrate well themselves ?

I mean if you install Drobox, in most OS, there is small icon that goes in what I will call the system tray.

So several apps I used when installed on Ubuntu or Manjaro and other distros, often time, place a little icons at the bottom right, top right and so on, so I can right or Left click them and accessing some features without opening the actual apps

Are your seing most Linux/Debian apps,. do not integrate as well into E16,E17 or E22 ?


they will, but the desktop features are a bit different, also no "dock bar"

Thats exactly one of the problems that E17 (the one used in 3.0) has :slight_smile: the systray not works, but it works well in e16 and in e22

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Will only be able to install on Sunday, when I'm home......I've only got about 4-5G left on my monthly mobile plan. :sniff:
But the good thing is I've already downloaded the iso on my home-server. :w00t:

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You should check about zsync (ask keyra in the IRC chat), it will make you only need to download the 10% of the full download size :slight_smile: , if im not wrong, usb-bootable-elive tool already includes this feature too (not working for the new version yet since its not public)

Maybe we need a small howto for the zsync feature :slight_smile:

I for one know how it sync works (I come from the days we only had 1Kb/s connection metered per minute with hefty roaming fees) but I have nothing (yet) to sync with or do you mean with the 3.0.4 iso?
Anyway 3-4G for the remaining 2 weeks is direly little. :sniff:

Dang!!!! Now I'll have Elive 3.7 and QubesOs spooking through my mind all week during my hike in Austria. :omfg:

yeah but not, heh, too many things inside changed in 3.7.0 and even the compressed algorithm is different, result: only the 3% matches (you save 3%, not worth), but will next versions will work :slight_smile:


I put my vote in for E16 much like @yoda my priority is to see 3.7 in any form and if that's the most workable solution, then why not? Especially if its still in development - perhaps that is a way to increase the Elive community, in a way! Besides...E16 was the first version I used, many, many moons ago, so I am fond of the idea in a sad, nostalgic sort of way. :nod:


I haven't tested yet (I will this evening) but I'm very much in favour of E16 and passing changes for the better down to 3.0.x again, keeping it in step with 3.7 and up.

IMHO it's essential to keep 3.0 up to date as it is what makes Elive special.

I'll try give it a go but I 'm all for "Leave well enough alone" in place of "Fix it till it breaks". :eyepopping:

The E22 I tried to shoehorn onto Ubuntu (It's what cost me a major part of my monthly mobile cap) never got further then a pulsing - in the left hand corner of a black screen......Duuuuh!


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Done some extensive testing today, especially with E16 running.
To be clear: I can look past current bugs and mishaps -It' s an alpha release after all-!

I found E16 workable but not to my liking on touch centric interfaces ...... it' s just too cluttered, misses the dock for favourites and generally gets in the way of my workflow.
Looking for bugs, et all was easy, that mainly required a terminal so I had multiple instances of that opened. But the moment I wanted to draw something or go to the net i.e open a browser or any other utility ....I' m just mucking about trying to find what category it is in, having trouble keeping the mouse focus there on the menu entrywhen clicking.
So most of the time i' m WTF' ing and squinting at the menu.

E17/E22 are the way to go IMHO as touch screens are getting more and more prevalent.
Like I stated earlier: E16 definitely has to be kept going for the 32bit versions, but I very much doubt it will atract a lot of users on a 64bit OS.


Sometime anything new make us go crazy, to have to learn new ways, sometime better, to do the same things we were used to do without having to think.

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Aye, new is always harder at first. But using my fingers on the current is E16 is definitely a show stopper.
The layout just isn't up to it. Thatś what I liked about Unity, it was designed with touch on a small screen, in mind.

I never use the menus

I always call the software using escape to type the software name or create a short key to open it

So I don’t care much about the menus

Not with no keyboard you don't. First thing I did is install onboard, that way I'm safe and methinks it should be part of the login screen options too.

2nd toughtLOL

Are your having difficulty to navigate through this ?

Me no.... You're in touch screen mode or what ?

I am getting used to E16, I always use the same 5-10 apps or gadgets, so I never use the menus most of the time and ALT + ESC to run an app or I create shortcuts for frequently used gadgets/apps

So finaly I am not in your team anymore / joke LOL


And I prefer the look of E16 menus to E17 LOL

yes on a 12"screen with a 2560x1440 resolution, impossible.

BTW not sure about your escape trick on E16, doesn't work for me.