3.7.0 betatesting experiences

Alrightee, got home .... created USB disk, and booted on my Thinkpad X1 carbon.

Here are my experiences with live boot (real install will be later):

First in general there seems to be some trouble with my soundcard but boot process continues anyway.

Apparently my video card is not as expected and I'm thrown back to ncurses, no worry: I got that. It's actually quite good it does that.

Then with all Exx versions I'm knocked off my hocker with a sound blast: speakers are at full volume! :omfg:

That has to be changed .....if some poor sod has headphones on he'll be stone deaf afterwards.

The good news: my quircky sound control buttons work albeit on and off in e16....on the other hand e16 is the only one that allows me to alter brightness with the buttons.

Running E17 or E22 I can't notice any difference ..... are they the same?

Touchscreen works on all 3, though I had a moment (which I have not been able to reproduce) on E22 that it was quite off.

To test I hit the install button which ran like it always did/does.....I've got a gripe there that might be disastrous for inexperienced users.
When searching through my local disk the installer comes up with this:

That is NOT correct as I have 90Gb free on the disk as none-formatted space. I know I can prepare that with gparted but surely many will not. On top, I doubt that if I did that : I prolly will not have a dual boot once installed.
Again, I can repair that but that's not for everyone.

Thanks again for all the work.:applause:

To celebrate I donated $150 thru paypal ....... go and have a good bottle of wine with your mom to make up for all the days you were like a zombie behind yer screen. :happy_dance:

does the sound works? show me the result of

cat /root/.asoundrc

because of the window manager selector menu? no, thats included by default always :slight_smile:

Mmmh yeah i need to check that

here too :wink: it uses a special tool, but it will not work on installed (requires sudo) at the moment

hum.. this is because since you have it no formatted, it doesn't shows it, you need a partition so that it will appear, in fact i dont think that is possible in another way (because there's no partition, just free space of void)

You should, my windows boot but i needed to disable the encription (bitlocker) stuff, hum! By other side, it will replace your EFI boot of windows by MBR old boot!, if you want to keep the correct EFI structure you will need to wait that i implement it (otherwise you will be kept with the MBR installed)

Wow! :eyepopping: that's a very generous donation! Thanks Thanks a lot!!! :love: :happy_dance:

Yeah my mom looks at me like am a zoombie all the nights (and days) in front of the computers lol

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E16 in the default look provided with the live ISO is a tad too retro and dark for my taste. Reminds me of that hacker movie (Hackers 1995) with a young Angelina Jolie :sniff:
Actually a lighter wallpaper would make a world of difference.
Needs quite a bit of tweaking to agree with my taste.

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Yes it is the default, because is the best integrated one to use (e17 is buggy and unstable, E22 is not customized at all)


Yes :thinking: noted, there's also a few ones included in e16

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If you are not hurry, wait that I implement the UEFI boot structure and you can also test it (after I will have tested it on my machines too)

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Most installers I've seen (usually Ubuntu derived) offer a "use available free space option", hence my comment.
Partitioning is the most dangerous point for newbies when installing, IMO. So you can't be careful enough.

No, it goes straight into ncurses. That's what I meant.

I do not. :shocked:

Next step I'll try to install on an SSD (remember that 1Tb one) using the whole disk, over USB. See where the installer leads me. :grimacing:

yes, If i know a way to list that, hum :thinking:, what shows you this command? it shows the free space?

sudo partitions-list --show-all --show-raw --show-disks

Yes, that ncurses menu to select the window-manager (desktop) is included by default, is not an error (unless i understood something wrong)

But UEFI is not "secure boot", is just a better boot structure, is better to keep it compatible than overwrite it with the old MBR structure (and harder to recover lol, now im trying to boot a windows recovery usb for that...)

Ah, OK. I thought it was going to be similar to the screenshot you showed us a while back i.e lightdm.

Yeah, plotting partitions with their UUID. Which is better as long as everything goes wel (I know: just alter fstab). But when you retain a separate /home partition i.e use clonezilla to create the content: you're in trouble, if through any reason the partition falls back on an old FAT.

Its made so that the user can select which desktop to use "before" to run the graphical system

Lightdm is not included (no needed and annoying) for the live mode, which runs directly the graphical system without login-manager, automatically (and with special fallback attempts options)

But yes, you can select it in the installed mode from the lightdm which is included then

so we are talking about bugs in clonezilla then :thinking: lol

Im going to start work now on the new UEFI thing for the installer (while kernel compiles :mwahaha:

But first i need to delete the grub installed on my windows computer to leave it a default windows boot, which uses uefi...

I just run the reparation install disk (from usb) to recover the windows boot and now nothing boots at all lol, what a winheadache...

Same headache I had on the USB disk. Not a Win or a Clonezilla thing, but a MBR and UEFI mash up.
Good luck.

Hum, i personally think that is safer to the user to repartition the disk himself (he must know how to do this! otherwise is the same danger lol), see that command, it shows your SDA (entire) as unformated, yes I can add to the installer the option to select SDA itself but this will delete all the sda data (better to show only partitions, hum!)

Also: there must not exist unformatted partitions in any system, if there's unformatted partitions is because the user already (did himself) a repartition and removed space :thinking:


Well, the tool (command) doesn't shows the unformatted partition, as I said this is not so easy so since there's empty space (nothing defined), it cannot show any data from "nothing defined"

The only thing that shows is SDA3 and SDA as unformated, but basically what shows is that "there's something" (an extended partition and a disk), without provide more info about them because they hasn't

installing on USB:

-Gripe 1: Have to enter my email address twice (same question) to deliver bug report.
-Gripe 2: Cannot restart installer after I cancel. Says it's still running.
-Gripe 3: Cannot get to shutdown the E16 desktop other than going to tty2-7 and hit CTRL, ALST and DEL. and then it doesn't actually reboot .... requires physical ON/OFF switch pressed.

1TB USB only recognized once after that it even blocks subsequent boots at BIOS level.

already fixed in the "done" section :slight_smile: Trello (requires new build/version of elive to work)

Hum, its true that looks like to take time, on which step (cancel step/window) you had this? I will need to improve this, noted

or "sudo reboot", I will check if this can be implemented in e16 :thinking:

what? didn't understood

BTW that's another limitation of the old MBR vs UEFI, which doesn't recognize more than 2tb if im not wrong

so you installed with mbr? :neutral_face:

After gparted window closing, installer asks to continue.....then cancel and another cancel, the popup saying "all is canceled" with only "close" option.

That USB is messed! Re partitioning to 1 ext4 part using "disk" utility in Ubuntu and hitting a bottle of Calvados. Then trying again.

It's taking a loooooong time.

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Ah, you installed in an external hard disk ?

Make sure (gnome-disks smart data) that there's no errors in the disk

So... :thinking: you press F12 to select boot from this external disk and.. ? :thinking:

Should work now for both Live and Installed systems (seems like our user has permissions to these tools), but is not tested on both modes so report me if you see them not working :slight_smile:

For that, run "apug" and then from user "elive-skel upgrade .e16" (out of the e16 desktop, it will create a new desktop config)

mentions: @jfbourdeau

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