New version of e16 released

New version of e16. I know the package is auto updated blabla but I'm still posting this.


mentions: @triantares


Looks like an important update with some fixes, thanks Kim! :slight_smile: :happy_dance:

yeah, package always updated available on the repo :dance:

Nice, nice ....... Indeed kudos to Kim Woelders.

E16 somehow feels snappier and seems to load "startupapplications" and/or "remembered settings" faster.

But seriously, this is another reason to get a Retro-E16-Elive snapshot out into the wild ASAP. :nod:

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About that, I agree of course :slight_smile: what i actually don't know if is better to make it like a "special version of Elive" or like another project, i think the second is much more difficult and also will have less impact, so how it should be? like a new entry in the Downloads section called "Special versions" ? :thinking:

Some things needs to be brainstormed well about that, so it should need own releases, etc... too

note that what you said about snapshot is what we actually have, in every beta version released, a snapshot improved... the only difference will be a more clear message and direct marketing

= we already decided this...

= just a "Retro E16 Snapshot MM.YYYY" (or similar) on the website iirc

But (and this is what you keep forgetting!)

We need to have betas with E24.

That is NOT what is happening right now.

Which is a major difference and direly needed.

The momentum (for Elive) is lost with E24 for the moment so we make a splash (albeit minor) with a dedicated E16 version.

Maybe even different versions ..... anything to keep public attention.

other tasks are priorizing now, it cannot be started before to fix the email thingies and improve the website too, otherwise they will be never done (just like, elive has always been a very good system, but it never shown "how much it was" to the world, like from the website)

In fact, I just wrote this Debian Bullseye (next Stable release after Buster), what this means for Elive? and wanted to reference your point about having a snapshot of E16...

Switching to a new debian-release could mean many things, like more RAM usage by the default apps, some amount of unstability of new things to fix, etc... so having a snapshoted "final" released system with E16 (we could make a torrent for better sharing) can be a good thing to have as a final version using Buster

where you suggest to have that? :slight_smile: before we had an expanding "downloads" menu with more versions showing, now we have a single page (maybe here?), and in the footer we have also a list of all the available downloads

mmh, we need to make caution to not make elive look too much "a distro which uses a retro desktop", some people are starting to talk about this on this way (and elive uses futuristic desktop more than retro desktop lol, that's only a difference of flavours) like

In fact :thinking: maybe the website can show something like "select your flavour, we support both retro desktop and futuristic ones" :thinking: , but again, we need to have a clear vision of that, to not make things difficult / complex / misunderstood


Hmmm, I haven't heard a clear vision by anyone on what a futuristic desktop should look like.
Even E24 looks outdated as it is now and I doubt that will change in the very near future.

I do think it's not a bad thing to be talked about as a distro with a retro desktop that's very usable in the current day and age.....a lot better than slowly fading away in the mists of time. :thinking:

Frankly, I think there's going to be a throwback to "ye old days" and we'll turn out to have been very avant garde with our Retro offering.....actually, I'm sure. :happy:
The gist of Jack Wallens article I recently quoted, is exactly that yearning for those days and IMO a sign of the changing tastes.

OTOH, I don't think we have much choice ..... it's release a Retro snapshot soon or die.
There's nothing left to lose .... not even a good reputation.

LOL Maybe we can call it futuristic-Retro. :madness:
Albeit I associate "futuristic" to the early fascists in Italy with Gabriel D'annunzio as the spokesperson, so I'd dis-advise to using that term.

let's wait for elive to put the magic on it :slight_smile:

hum, but that's not the real purpose of elive, elive is more like "beautiful updated desktop in low resources", a retro desktop stills perfectly nice but will change the original elive purpose i think :thinking: that's why I think to make it like a subproject / fork is not a bad idea

that sounds good :slight_smile: just like the included retrofuturistic games shipped :wink:

no thats not the issue :slight_smile: I think we are mixing things... the release CAN be done, the problem is HOW it can be done, so again:

  • it cannot be named elive stable 4.0 because the desktop will look so different, people will feel like it like a downgrade more than super-duper-elive-release
  • but it will be considered "stable" so how to deal with that?
  • also, it will be confusing for the website to list e16 and e24 desktops (for those who dont know what we are talking about)
  • I was thinking in a separated downloads page, specifically for it, but again, the previous listed issues
  • so I was thinking into a subproject / fork, from a different website (this can be hard to manage, maybe more work, and there will not be "extra subscribers" that will know about e16 specifically :thinking: (but the distro can be announced to the normal users too, at least for the first time)

May I propose that for E16(Retro) we stick to Buster (at the very least until all major bugs in Bullseye are ironed out) for stability and use E24 as a base on Bullseye?

Bluntly said: I'm proposing a fork.
Seeing as how E16 and E24 don't really mix well.:thinking:

There goes the "rolling release" concept down the rabbit hole. :mwahaha:

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E16 or E24 doesn't change much with the distro (well, E24 should work better on bullseye that's true), E24 works need to just be -started- but i first want to remake the website to tell to the world "how good" is elive, and then start working back on the dev (while we have e16 for a very stable enviroment in the best distro ever :happy: )

But yeah I agree use E16 for the retro snapshot we were talking, that can be a good release, but i wouldn't like to name it "elive 4.0 stable" so people would call it "retro distro", and also complain about buster -> going old already lol (but yeah, to snapshot it as a stable release somewhat somewhere)

sounds more like easy to understand / differentiate, so what, create something like for it ? :thinking: (remember that, in any of the cases, any future version of elive will be / should be, fully compatible with e16 too, not only e24+, that will be always an option for the users)

Elive can have both :slight_smile: its just a matter of what is better :smiley:

No never do that, reserve that for when E24 runs up to our standards (comparable to Stable3) on a stable base.
Might take a few more Debian upgrades though. :smile_cat: